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myHorizons consolidates 80+ Amazon reports into a single, comprehensive analytics tool.

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Why myHorizons


Envision Horizons was founded in 2017 and grew to be a top eCommerce agency with experience helping 150+ brands scale on Amazon. Our team has helped brands maximize their growth through the use of our own analytics tool, myHorizons.

Now, we want to empower brands and agencies with the same tools to make intelligent, data-driven decisions.

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Hear from our Users

“myHorizons provides a really quick way to take up stock up performance on Amazon. The dashboard gives a really efficient way to make an assessment on how we are doing on Amazon in general. Metrics like repurchase rate, NTB, and organic sales were more cumbersome to access on Seller Central because we have to spend time manually running those numbers. Now with myHorizons we can see them instantaneously.”


“One of the things I found really helpful was looking at performance by ASIN. with myHorizons it is really easy to dive in rather than pulling the reports and manually doing vlookups by ASIN and manually group together the SKUs.”


“I find myHorizons to be much more intuitive, I like having a separate tool which gives you a snapshot of important information with the choice of granularity.”

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